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  • A set of 78 maps covering 13 National Grid 1:10,560 map areas in the area of the Lothian oil-shale field. Each map shows the extent of a single oil shale seam. They were published between 1977 and 1982 by the Institute of Geological Sciences in Edinburgh.

  • Recordings of earthquakes and other signals (such as quarry blasts, explosions, sonic booms and collapses) made by a network of seismometers and similar sensors across the UK. Recordings start in 1977 (with a few events recorded before this) and continue to the present day. Data is used for monitoring of seismic activity, studies of seismic hazard and scientific study of the Earth's interior. Data is freely available on request. Some data can be retrieved from the BGS AutoDRM (Automatic Data Request Manager) service. Time series data recorded by UK seismic networks.