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  • This spreadsheet contains 21 oxygen isotope measurements for hematite and mixed hematite/goethite samples from the supergene profiles of the Spence and Cerro Colorado porphyry copper deposits in the Central Andes. Columns are also included which contain calculated isotopic values for weathering fluids which were present at the time of iron oxide formation. These data are presented and discussed in the G-cubed paper 'A rusty record of weathering and groundwater movement in the hyperarid Central Andes' (Shaw et al., 2021). Weathering fluid isotopic values are calculated using the published fractionation factors of Clayton & Epstein (1961), Yapp (1990) and Bao & Koch (1999). The authors have the most confidence in the fluid values obtained using the fractionation factor of Yapp (1990), for reasons outlined in the publication.

  • The data provides a summary of volcanic ash samples collected from around Anak Krakatau, Indonesia, in August 2019, originating from the December 2018 eruption. The ash was generated in eruptions immediately following the sector collapse of Anak Krakatau. The data provides a summary of sample locations, brief information on the sample context (original notebook entries for the field sites, alongside summary stratigraphic descriptions), componentry information for selected ash samples, laser-diffraction grain-size information for the ash samples, whole rock XRF compositional analysis of selected samples, and EPMA mineral analyses from selected samples.

  • This dataset comprises 35 samples analysed for clay mineralogy from IODP Expedition 374 Site U1521 to the Ross Sea, collected on the RV JOIDES Resolution. Shipboard biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy suggests the samples are mainly early Miocene in age (McKay et al., 2019, Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program). The uppermost samples do, however, include younger Plio-Pleistocene sediments.

  • Formation water geochemistry and gas geochemistry from 6 wells in the Olla Oil Field and 7 wells in the Nebo-Hemphill Oil Field Louisiana (Longitude range: -92.2297 to -92.1487, Latitude range: 31.83128 to 31.56586.), sampled in 2015. Formation water geochemistry for cation and anions and in mmol/l and ppm, these were measured at an internal ExxonMobil facility. Casing gases were used to make the remaining measurements. Stable noble gas isotopes (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe) were measured at the University of Oxford Noble Lab for ratios and abundances (in cm3(STP)/cm3). Stable C isotopes of CO2 and CH4 and C2, C3 and C4 alkanes in ‰ VDPB as well as their mol% of the casing gas were measured by Isotech Inc.. Methane clumped isotopes are given as Δ12CH2D2 and Δ13CH3D and were measured at the California Institute of Technology. Where no data is present, no measurements were taken for that well. N.D. refers to not detectable.

  • Digitised magnetogram data from Lerwick, Eskdalemuir and Hartland for two large geomagnetic storms (March 1946 and August 1972). Data have been manually extracted using Enguage Digitizer and verified against hourly mean values from the World Data Centre for Geomagnetism

  • This spreadsheet contains (U-Th-Sm)/He data for 73 hematite samples from the supergene profile of the Spence porphyry copper deposit in the Central Andes. These data are discussed in the G-cubed publication titled 'A rusty record of weathering and groundwater movement in the hyperarid Central Andes' (Shaw et al., 2021). Spence porphyry copper deposit Drill hole SPD0324, UTM WGS1984 19S, E 474975.22, N 7481100.39 Drill hole SPD 1848, UTM WGS1984 19S, E 474998.29, N 7481399.87 Drill hole SPD 0402, UTM WGS1984 19S, E 473969.87, N 7479755.01

  • In this study data were collected from viruses in groundwater from urban poor settlements in Arusha, Tanzania, Dodowa (Accra), Ghana, and Kampala, Uganda. The published Open Access paper can be viewed here

  • This is a polygon .shp file of 12,920 Asia Summer Monsoon (ASM) - triggered landslides that occurred across central-eastern Nepal in the period 1988 - 2018. This inventory includes the landslide locations, perimeters (Length field), areas and pre-/post- monsoon season satellite image dates used to map each landslide.Note, landslides were not mapped in the years 2011 and 2012 due to scan line errors in Landsat 7 imagery. These landslides were mapped for a range of purposes, from conducting landslide susceptibility assessments, to investigating landslide processes and preconditioning.

  • Data from experiments on rare earth element leaching from ion adsorption deposits. Columns experiments of leaching from a Madagascar ion-adsorption soil. Six soil columns for two deposit types with different starting/operational conditions. Data reported are the volume, pH and conductivity, and the molar concentrations of each eluate fraction for the metals, ammonia and Cl. SOS - NERC Security of Supply of Mineral (SoS) Resources programme

  • This dataset is an overall sample list, as an Excel spreadsheet, providing details of the major sample suites collected during the SoS RARE project (2015-2017). It includes location details for samples collected in a range of localities worldwide. The samples are chiefly rocks and soils. Most material is still held by the institutions that did the work, as recorded in the sample list. The dataset also includes partial details of work that has been done on the samples. However time constraints have prevented complete update of the spreadsheet and so it is uploaded here to provide the best record possible of the available sample material.