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  • Data used for the peer-reviewed manuscript entitled 'Variation of hydraulic properties due to dynamic fracture damage: Implications for fault zones' by Aben, FM, Doan, M-L, and Mitchell, TM. Manuscript currently in revision for Journal of Geophysical Research. Data consists of: Text files with the mechanical data timeseries (confining pressure, and pore volume and pore fluid pressure for two pore fluid pressure intensifiers) obtained during permeability measurements of deformed rock samples. File name contains sample number. Additional two mechanical data files (calib15 and calib18) are calibration files for the pore volume measurements. Manually traced X-ray CT images obtained on six samples.

  • This dataset contains the locations and other pertinent information for 122 well-constrained seismic events that occurred on or near Corbetti between February 2016 and September 2017. These locations were derived from data collected on 37 broadband seismometers deployed as part of the RiftVolc project. The data were originally published in Lavayssière, A., et al. "Local seismicity near the actively deforming Corbetti volcano in the Main Ethiopian Rift." Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research (2019).

  • Text files of physical parameters controlled or measured in rock heating and deformation experiments; jpg and tif files of optical and electron microscope images of experimental products; xome xlsx spreadsheets related to data interpretation.