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  • Data were collected under the NERC funded project - The role of land-use change on influencing mountain climate on Kilimanjaro, East Africa (NE/J013366/1) - lead by Dr Nicholas Pepin (University of Portsmouth) which investigated the influence of land-use on surface climate (temperature and moisture availability) on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Temperature measurements were taken at hourly intervals at 23 stations on Mount Kilimanjaro between September 2012 and September 2015. Specific station locations (elevation and lat/long) are stated in the data and are ordered in a transect across the mountain from South-West over the top to North-East. Two of the stations have both ground level and air level sensors (hence there are 25 readings not 23). Additional information about station locations and missing data can be found in a PDF on the CEDA archive.