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  • This data is NERC-funded but not held by the EIDC. This data is archived in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Data consists of metagenomic datasets of faecal pellets collected from six-week old C57Bl/6 female mice orally infected with Citrobacter rodentium harbouring genetically modified antimicrobial resistance plasmids pC15-1a or RP4, respectively. Infections performed in May 2018. Faecal pellets collected prior to infection, and six days post-infection, and used to study changes in the methylation profile of organisms present in the intestine.

  • The resource consists of genome sequence data for the Drosophila C virus that has been serially passaged through different species of Drosophila in the laboratory. The genomes were sequenced and aligned to the reference genome. The frequency of variants at both biallelic and triallelic sites was then calculated. We also generated a phylogeny of the species involved using published data. This data was generated to understand how viruses adapt to new host species by Francis Jiggins and his co workers. The work was carried out between July 2016 and September 2017 and was funded by NERC under award reference NE/L004232/1 Full details about this nonGeographicDataset can be found at