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  • The Coastal Zone Colour Scanner (CZCS) was a multi-channel scanning radiometer aboard the US Nimbus 7 satellite. Nimbus 7 was launched 24 October 1978, and CZCS became operational on 2 November 1978. It was only designed to operate for one year (as a proof-of-concept), but in fact remained in service until 22 June 1986. Its operation on board the Nimbus 7 was limited to alternate days as it shared its power with the passive microwave scanning multi channel microwave radiometer. CZCS measured reflected solar energy in six channels, at a resolution of 800 meters. These measurements were used to map chlorophyll concentration in water, sediment distribution, salinity, and the temperature of coastal waters and ocean currents. The data were transferred to CEDA when the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station (NEODAAS Dundee node) facility was closed to continue the long term archive.