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  • This dataset contains a set of reference long term averages for observed climate variables that have been spatially averaged over a set of 14 administrative regions and 23 river basins across the British Isles (see links to maps and lists below). Where possible, reference climatologies for each of the periods 1961-1990, 1971-2000 and 1981-2010 are available for each variable. The availability of a variable for a given reference period was dependant on sufficient data for that variable within the reference period. Each regional value is an average of the 5km x 5km grid cell values that fall within it. The data were derived from the Met Office gridded land surface climate observations – long term averages at 5km resolution (See related dataset) and are provided as space delimited text files. The 14 administrative regions used within UKCP09 were: - East Midlands - East of England - East Scotland - London - North East England - North Scotland - North West England - Northern Ireland - South East England - South West England - Wales - West Midlands - West Scotland - Yorkshire & The Humber The 23 river basin regions used within UKCP09 were: - Anglian - Argyll - Clyde - Dee - Forth - Humber - Neagh Bann - North East Scotland - North Eastern Ireland - North Highland - North West England - North Western Ireland - Northumbria - Orkney and Shetland - Severn - Solway - South East England - South West England - Tay - Thames - Tweed - West Highland - Western Wales