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  • This dataset is an index of the Survey Collection of fossils for Scotland and Northern England. It is the digital equivalent of the analogue (card) index. The latter contains some 31k records, c.70% of which has been transcribed. The continually growing Survey Collection comprises about 450k samples (including nearly 30k specimens from the John Smith Collection) which are individually registered in c.150 leather bound volumes. The Oracle relational database BGS_FOSSLOC is a first step in ascertaining what registered fossil materials exist for certain areas, who collected them and when, their geographical and stratigraphical details, the type of collection (whether from boreholes or exposures), and any covering technical reports. It is also a pathway to an extensive and unique collection of paper graphic logs, some 18k of which record annotated information on fossil occurrences and assemblages at certain stratigraphical levels (particularly in the Carboniferous) in Scotland and Northern England.

  • Oracle index to records of some 3500 waste sites in England and Wales identified by BGS as part of a survey carried out on behalf of the Departement of the Environment in 1973. The index has been corrected and updated to a limited extent, but the data itself has not been changed. The data was collected in 1972 and the information reflects the knowledge at that time. It does not reflect current interpretation. Not all authorities made returns and there are not records for all of the sites listed. However, the data is an invaluable source of information about pre-1974 sites. Information includes site name, location and risks to aquifers. It should be noted that the assessments were carried out when the data was collected and may not reflect current interpretation.