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  • Supplemental files (plotting scripts, tables) in support of Greene et al., 2019. Early Cenozoic Decoupling of Climate and Carbonate Compensation Depth Trends. PP2019.Greeneetal.SupplementaryTables.xlsx Tables S1-S3. Raw data for CCD time-slice reconstruction for NP8, NP10-11, and NP12-13, respectively. Raw data for each CCD time-slice reconstruction (program, site number, current and paleo- latitude/longitude, underlying basement age, current water depth, sediment cover, reconstructed paleodepth (see Methods), wt% CaCO3 mean, and individual wt% CaCO3 measurements. Tables S4-S18. Model output: time series of pCO2 and Ca2+ weathering flux for each ensemble #1 experiment. Tables S19-S22. Final year model output for each experiment in each ensembles 1-4. Final year model output for each experiment ensembles 1-4 (outgassing rate modification factor relative to x3 pre-industrial pCO2, pCO2, mean ocean [DIC], mean ocean [ALK], POC export, Ca2+ weathering flux, mean ocean temperature, mean land surface air temperature, overturning stream function min/max, and final year CSH and CCD (following Goodwin and Ridgwell [2010]). For ensembles 2-4 bolded columns indicate model variables roughly fixed across all experiments within the ensemble. PP2019_Greeneetal_Subsidence.m Matlab script for calculating paleodepth from current water depth and seafloor age. This script plots a subsidence curve for a single location and displays the paleodepth for that location at a user-specified point in the past using the subsidence equations from Cramer et al., 2009 'Ocean overturning since the Late Cretaceous: Inferences from a new benthic foraminiferal isotope compliation', Paleoceanography 24(4), PA4216 with a simplified sediment unloading term. PP2019_Greeneetal_plot_CCDcontour.m Matlab script for contouring depth/wt% carbonate data into contoured CCD snapshot. In support of Published Paper: Greene, S.E., Ridgwell, A., Kirtland Turner, S., Schmidt, D.N., Pälike, H., Thomas, E., Greene, L.K. and Hoogakker, B.A.A. (2019), Early Cenozoic Decoupling of Climate and Carbonate Compensation Depth Trends. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34: 930-945.