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  • This dataset is comprised of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) data collected at the Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire during the winter period of 2015/16 when leaves were off the deciduous trees. The data underpins the study into laser scanning potential underestimation of biomass carbon in a temperate forest. TLS data were collected on a 20 m x 20 m grid where at each position the scanner captured data in an upright and tilted position. The scanner was set to an angular step of 0.04 degrees. In between each scan position, a set of retro-reflective targets were positioned to be used as tie-points between scans. Scan data were coregistered using the RiSCAN Pro software package, the 4x4 rotation transformation matrices to transform the point cloud data into a common reference coordinate system can be found in the "matrix" directory