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  • Numerical models of mass flows and tsunamis that they generated with their entrance in the sea. The mass flows propagate in the Sciara del Fuoco of Stromboli. The mass flows are not real events, but are rather used as a sensitivity analysis to examine tsunamigenic potential of mass flows of landslides and pyroclastic flows of different durations, volumes and coherence. The data was generated with the two fluid version of the Volcflow model. The material includes tsunami height measurements (plotted as well as raw data) for each run recorded by virtual gauges located around the island (map of gauges included), maximum wave height data in the area around the island and at the shores, a video visualisation of the mass flows and resultant tsunami waves, and a figure of the final deposit from each modelled mass flow. The numerical model simulations were carried out by Symeon Makris. The Volcflow code is not included in the submitted material but it is open source and can be downloaded here: