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  • This dataset provides monthly Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) data derived as part of the European Space Agency (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme. In this product the data has been produced at a spatial resolution of 25km and a time resolution of 1 month. This has then been spatially resampled on a 25km EASE (Equal Area Scalable Earth) grid and 15 days of time sampling. A monthly product is also available. This first version of the CCI+SSS products is a preliminary version issued for evaluation purposes by voluntary scientists and for framing future CCI+SSS products. This product has not been fully validated yet and may contain flaws. In case you discover some, the CCI salinity team ( are very keen to get your feedback. In case you would like to use them in a presentation or publication, please be aware of the following caveats: CAVEATS - The SSS random error in the weekly product is overestimated by a factor ~1.4. - The Number of outliers is wrongly set to 'NaN' in the case where it is equal to zero. - Products have not yet been not optimised for some issues encountered at high latitudes (i.e. remaining ice, RFI pollution, biases due to land-sea contamination and dielectric constant in cold waters). - The criteria for flagging data close to land (including islands) are conservative and likely to be too restrictive in places. - There is a systematic global underestimation (-0.08) of SSS starting at the beginning of the data set, and gradually disappearing at the end of 2010. - There is a seasonal varying bias (~0.1, peaking in the middle of the year) in the Pacific North of 25°N. Acknowledgements: The authors thank the CCI+ SSS validation team, in particular S. Guimbard (ODL) and A. Martin (NOC), for their feedback on the products, R. Catany (ARGANS) for managing the project and P. Cipollini and C. Donlon (ESA) for their sound advice.

  • The ESA Fire Disturbance Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project has produced maps of global burned area developed from satellite observations. The MODIS Fire_cci v5.0 grid products described here are derived from the MODIS instrument onboard the TERRA satellite at 250m resolution for the period 2001 to 2016. This is the first time that MODIS 250m resolution images are used for global burned area (BA) mapping. This dataset is a gridded product, derived from the MODIS Fire_cci v5.0 pixel product by summarising its burned area information into a regular grid covering the Earth for 15-day periods with 0.25 degree resolution. Information on burned area is included in 23 individual quantities: sum of burned area, standard error, fraction of burnable area, fraction of observed area, number of patches and the burned area for 18 land cover classes, as defined by the Land_Cover_cci v1.6.1 product. For further information on the product and its format see the Fire_cci product user guide in the linked documentation. Please note, a new version of this dataset (v5.1) is now available.