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  • The dataset contains the chemical composition of anaerobic digestates derived from source-segregated food waste & agro-waste, with and without biomass ash, after the addition commercial polymer to enhance dewaterability. A preliminary experiment was carried to determine the type of polymer and its optimum dose (WP1A1). Then, polymer was added to digestate and digestate/ash blends, let react for short-time and physically separated into their fiber and liquid fractions (WP1A2). These experiments were carried out in the laboratory during 2016, being measured via a combination of internal and external laboratories. Preliminary experiment (WP1A1) contains data on polymer type, dose and mass added as well as supernatant and solids separated. Main experiment contain data on masses (dry & total solids), supernatant volume, pH and plant macro-nutrients profile (total concentration of Ca, Mg, P, K, TKN and S). Full details about this dataset can be found at