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  • This dataset is part of the ESA Greenland Ice Sheet Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project, and provides components of the ice velocity and the magnitude of the velocity for the Greenland Ice Sheet. The dataset is derived from Interferometric Wide Swath SAR data from the Sentinel-1 satellite, acquired in the period from the 1st November 2014 to the 1st December 2015. The ocean mask is based on the GIMP Ocean mask (Version 2.0; Howat et al. 2014), but calving fronts of marine terminating glaciers have been updated using Landsat-8 data acquired from May to August 2015.

  • This dataset contains a time series of ice velocities for the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland between 2002 and 2010. This dataset has been produced by the ESA Greenland Ice Sheet Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project. This dataset consists of a time series of ice velocity maps which have been generated from IS mode images from the ASAR instrument on the ENVISAT satellite, with a 35 day repeat cycle, and are supplied on a 500m polar stereographic grid. The ice velocity product contain the horizontal components, vN and vE, of the total velocity vector, which is derived from radar measurements assuming surface parallel flow. The used digital elevation model of the surface is also supplied. The North and East velocities at any grid points are given in a local geographic north-east coordinates system (and not in the used grid map projection system).