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  • This collection includes the elastic calculations of the hcp-Fe-Si-S-C alloy system. NERC grant NE/M015181/1 - Pre melting in iron and iron alloys: ab initio calculations and high P-T experiments on iron, iron alloys and other materials

  • This dataset contains results from nanoindentation testing of five shale samples from the Horn River Basin (core from wells A100B/94 and D94A/94). The samples are from the following formations: A3 Fort Simpson, A6 Fort Simpson, D1 Muskwa, A16 Otter Park, and A20 Evie. The data is in two sets. Set 1 includes nanoindentation data from all samples, with grids conducted both parallel and perpendicular to the bedding plane. In Set 2, additional chemical analysis of select grids (on samples A3, A6 and A20) was undertaken using SEM/EDS. Both sets include the following tab-separated .txt files: grid_para.txt [Load-displacement-time data for each indent (parallel indentation)]; grid_para_summary.txt [Reduced elastic modulus, hardness and creep modulus for each indent (parallel indentation)]; grid_perp.txt [Load-displacement-time data for each indent (perpendicular indentation)]; grid_perp_summary.txt [Reduced elastic modulus, hardness and creep modulus data for each indent (parallel indentation)]. Set 2 also includes .tif files containing SEM images and EDS chemical analysis of the grids. The data has been filtered to remove indents which show 'pop-in' behaviour or time-displacement curves that do not conform to a logarithmic fit. ACKNOWLEDGMENT - The authors wish to thank the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) for funding this research through the SHAPE-UK project (grant numbers NE/R018057/1, NE/R017840/1, and NE/R017565/1), which forms Challenge 3 of the UKUH (Unconventional Hydrocarbons in the UK Energy System) programme.