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  • This information product contains gridded estimates of Ellenberg vegetation indicator scores for four different indicators: fertility (N); pH/reactivity (R); light availability (L) and moisture (F) at 1km2 resolution. Both cover-weighted (cwt) and non-cover weighted (site) Ellenberg indicators are estimated. Estimates are made for two different time periods, 1990 and 2015-2019 and the change between the two time periods is also presented. This work was supported by the Natural Environment Research Council award number NE/R016429/1 as part of the UK-SCAPE programme delivering National Capability. Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • The dataset contains a current inventory of vascular plant species and their attributes present in the flora of Britain and Ireland. The species list is based on the most recent key to the flora of Britain and Ireland, with taxon names linked to unique Kew taxon identifiers and the World Checklist of Vascular Plants, and includes both native and non-native species. Attribute data stem from a variety of sources to give an overview of the current state of the vascular flora. Attributes include functional traits, distribution and ecologically relevant data (e.g. genome size, chromosome numbers, spatial distribution, growth form, hybridization metrics and native/non-native status). The data include previously unpublished genome size measurements, chromosome counts and CSR life strategy assessments. The database aims to provide an up-to-date starting point for flora-wide analyses. This dataset will be available under the terms of the Open Government Licence Full details about this dataset can be found at