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  • This dataset contains major element, trace element and isotopic analyses for samples collected during the NERC project "Orogenic Plateau Magmatism" (NE/H021620/1) (2011-2014). Samples are late Cenozoic volcanic rocks erupted across centres of the Iranian or Armenian sectors of the Turkish-Iranian Plateau, during the ongoing Arabia-Eurasia continental collision. Results have been published in the following papers: Allen, M.B., Kheirkhah, M., Neill, I., Emami, M.H. & McLeod, C.L. (2013) Generation of arc and within-plate chemical signatures in collision zone magmatism: Quaternary lavas from Kurdistan Province, Iran. Journal of Petrology, 54,887-911. Kheirkhah, K., Neill, I., Allen, M.B. & Ajdari, K. (2013) Small-volume melts of lithospheric mantle during continental collision: late Cenozoic lavas of Mahabad, NW Iran. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 74, 37-49. Kheirkhah, K., Neill, I. & Allen, M.B. (2015) Petrogenesis of OIB-like basaltic volcanic rocks in a continental collision zone: Late Cenozoic magmatism of Eastern Iran. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 106, 19-33. Neill, I., Meliksetian, K., Allen, M.B., Navasardyan, G. & Kuiper, K. (2015) Petrogenesis of mafic collision zone magmatism: The Armenian sector of the Turkish-Iranian Plateau. Chemical Geology, 403, 24-41. Neill, I., Meliksetian, K., Allen, M.B., Navarsardyan, G. & Karapetyan, S. (2013) Pliocene-Quaternary volcanic rocks of NW Armenia: magmatism and lithospheric dynamics within an active orogenic plateau. Lithos, 180-181, 200-215.

  • Complete major and trace element analyses of all samples investigated under project component chalcophile element processing beneath arc volcanic systems, within NE/M000427/1 (see Cox et al., EPSL, 2019 and Cox et al., Geology, 2020 Samples include an extensive dataset from Antuco volcano, Chile, and further analyses of young volcanic rocks from multiple Chilean stratovolcanoes and monogenetic centres. Standard data are also provided.