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  • The Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI 5.0) is a global inventory of glacier outlines. It is supplemental to the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space initiative (GLIMS). Production of the RGI was motivated by the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC AR5). Future updates will be made to the RGI and the GLIMS Glacier Database in parallel during a transition period. As all these data are incorporated into the GLIMS Glacier Database and as download tools are developed to obtain GLIMS data in the RGI data format, the RGI will evolve into a downloadable subset of GLIMS, offering complete one-time coverage, version control, and a standard set of attributes. The product provided here is a converted raster version of the Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI 5.0) data, provided by the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Glaciers project. The CCI Glaciers project is one of a number of contributors to the RGI 5.0 dataset. For more details, and for a complete list of contributors, please see the RGI 5.0 Technical Report in the Documentation section below. The following reference is recommended when citing RGI version 5.0: Arendt, A., A. Bliss, T. Bolch, J.G. Cogley, A.S. Gardner, J.-O. Hagen, R. Hock, M. Huss, G. Kaser, C. Kienholz, W.T. Pfeffer, G. Moholdt, F. Paul, V. Radić, L. Andreassen, S. Bajracharya, N.E. Barrand, M. Beedle, E. Berthier, R. Bhambri, I. Brown, E. Burgess, D. Burgess, F. Cawkwell, T. Chinn, L. Copland, B. Davies, H. De Angelis, E. Dolgova, L. Earl, K. Filbert, R. Forester, A.G. Fountain, H. Frey, B. Giffen, N. Glasser, W.Q. Guo, S. Gurney, W. Hagg, D. Hall, U.K. Haritashya, G. Hartmann, C. Helm, S. Herreid, I. Howat, G. Kapustin, T. Khromova, M. König, J. Kohler, D. Kriegel, S. Kutuzov, I. Lavrentiev, R. LeBris, S.Y. Liu, J. Lund, W. Manley, R. Marti, C. Mayer, E.S. Miles, X. Li, B. Menounos, A. Mercer, N. Mölg, P. Mool, G. Nosenko, A. Negrete, T. Nuimura, C. Nuth, R. Pettersson, A. Racoviteanu, R. Ranzi, P. Rastner, F. Rau, B. Raup, J. Rich, H. Rott, A. Sakai, C. Schneider, Y. Seliverstov, M. Sharp, O. Sigurðsson, C. Stokes, R.G. Way, R. Wheate, S. Winsvold, G. Wolken, F. Wyatt, N. Zheltyhina, 2015, Randolph Glacier Inventory – A Dataset of Global Glacier Outlines: Version 5.0. Global Land Ice Measurements from Space, Boulder Colorado, USA. Digital Media.

  • This dataset comprises four distinct shapefiles, which were used to demonstrate how glacier ELA is affected by volcanic thermal conditions, in the Andes, South America. With the exception of ''139_Remapped_Glaciers.shp'', the shapefiles are obtained from existing, open access data from the Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI 6.0) and the Global Volcanism Program 2013, but with the addition of information, in the shapefile''s attribute table, relevant to the study of the interaction between glaciers and volcanoes, as obtained via the GIS analysis of these datasets. The ''600_RGI_Glaciers.shp'' shapefile comprises 600 (land-terminating, no debris-covered, > 0.1 km2) glacier polygons, which are located within 15 km from a Holocene (erupted in the past 10,000 years) volcano in South America. Crucially, the equilibrium line altitude (i.e., the elevation on the glacier where the surface mass balance, measured over 1 yr, is zero) and distance to the nearest volcano for each glacier is reported in the attribute table. The ''37_GVP_Volacanoes.shp'' shapefile contains points for 37 South America Holocene volcanoes which have glaciers both within 1 km (volcanic-glaciers), and between 1 and 15 km (proximal glaciers). For each volcano, the difference in ELA between volcanic (<1km from volcano) and proximal (1-15 km) glaciers is reported in the attribute table, along with mean temperature and precipitation. The ''139_Remapped_Glaciers.shp'' shapefile provides detailed and updated (relative to RGI) mapping of glaciers (as polygons) that are located within 15 km from 13 South America Holocene volcanoes for which thermal anomaly is known. The ELA of these glaciers is calculated and reported in the attribute table. The ''13_AVTOD_Volacanoes.shp'' shapefile comprises the points for 13 Holocene volcanoes that have glaciers both within 1 km (volcanic-glaciers), and between 1 and 15 km (proximal glaciers) from their centre, as well as recorded thermal anomaly. The glacier ELA and volcano thermal data provided in the attribute table allows us to establish the quantitative relationship between volcanoes and glaciers. A detailed description of the study based on this dataset is provided in Howcutt et al. (2023). This project and data were supported by the NERC Global Partnerships Seedcorn fund (NE/W003724/1).