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  • Free energy calculations of noble-gas containing liquid iron and silicate melts at 50 GPa (3500 K) and 135 GPa (4200 K). The chemical potentials of noble gases can be obtained from these calculations. The Gibbs free energy of a series of iron and silicate melts with different concentrations of He were calculated. Then the chemical potentials of He can be derived from the concentration dependent Gibbs free energies. The chemical potentials of Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe were calculated by using the alchemical free energy method, where one He was converted to Ne, Ar, Kr or Xe gradually.

  • This dataset contains 6 tables covering all analytical data for samples collected from the Anyue gas field, central Sichuan Basin, China. Table 1 includes major gas species and stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes. Table 2 includes results for methane clumped isotopes and calculated methane formation temperatures of gas samples. Table 3 includes noble gas concentrations. Table 4 includes noble gas isotopic ratios. Table 5 includes parameters used in methane emission model and calculating total volume of methane emission. Table 6 includes gas composition and stable carbon and hydrogen isotope characteristics of major gases produced in the pyrolysis experiments (thermally equilibrated methane between 400~500 in theory) and working reference gas, and their methane clumped isotope values.

  • This dataset consists of a spreadsheet of data and a series of photographs. A set of natural phlogopite crystals were exposed to varying partial pressures of a He-Ne-Ar gas mixture at 930-1030°C for 20-161 hours to investigate the solubility of these gases in phlogopite. The experiments and analyses were carried out in 2013 and 2014. The experiments were carried out in piston cylinder apparatus at Brown University, USA by Dr Colin Jackson and the gas concentrations measured at the Open University, UK, by Dr Clare Warren. The NERC grant is NE/J013072/1.

  • Groundwater and gas samples collected from sites in the Vale of Pickering and analysed for major gas concentrations, methane stable isotopes, and noble gas compositions.

  • This Microsoft Excel document contains 8 worksheets providing data produced by research as part of EPSRC Grant #EP/K036033/1. These data are presented and discussed in the manuscript "The Inherent Tracer Fingerprint of Captured CO2." by Flude, S. Györe, D., Stuart, F.M., Zurakowska, M., Boyce, A.J., Haszeldine, S., Chalaturnyk, R., and Gilfillan, S. M. V. (Currently under review at IJGGC). Data include samples collected, gas concentrations, stable isotope data and noble gas data. This data relates to publication

  • A selection of abstracts and posters presented at international conferences as part of EPSRC Grant #EP/K036033/1.

  • 3He and 129Xe were introduced into a CO2 stream that was in injected into the Salt Creek oil field, Wyoming. Samples of the injected CO2 and gas recovered from nearby boreholes were collected and returned for compositional and noble gas isotopic analysis.