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  • This data was collected during two Antarctic field seasons (2013-14, 2014-15) using two Leica GS10 dual-frequency Global Position Systems (dGPS). We installed 53 2m aluminium stakes in the snow surface along lines perpendicular to ice divides on four ice rises in the Ronne Ice Shelf region. In each season we used the dGPS units to measure the position of each pole. During most position measurements we deployed a rover unit for 20 minutes at each stake while a static base station dGPS unit was left in place for 5 or more hours. In the minority of cases the power to the base station unit failed and data from the rover unit is not accompanied by base-station data.

  • This dataset contains a series of point measurements made using a ground-based phase-sensitive radio-echo sounder (pRES) designed by the British Antarctic Survey. The system is configured as a step-frequency radar to sample the frequency response of the ice at 3201 equally-spaced frequency steps between 225 MHz and 385 MHz.