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  • This dataset contains information on life history, wing morphological and reproductive traits of Pararge aegeria (L.). The data was collected from an eco-evolutionary study examining how male and female Pararge aegeria from woodland and agricultural landscape populations were affected by development on drought stressed host plants. The data of life history cover total development time and sex of the studied species. The data of wing morphology include total development time, sex, wing loading, the mean of forewing melanin, the mean of forewing:aspect ratio, and the total wing area. The data of female reproductive output are mean egg size, longevity, number of days until first egg laid, fecundity, arcine square root of the percentage of eggs hatched and the percentage of eggs hatched. All the data have adult mass, population name, landscape type and treatments. Further information can be found in Gibbs, M., Van Dyck, H., & Breuker, C. J. (2011). Development on drought-stressed host plants affects life history, flight morphology and reproductive output relative to landscape structure. Evolutionary Applications, 5(1), 66-75. Full details about this nonGeographicDataset can be found at