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  • This layer of the GeoIndex shows the localities for which details of identified fossil specimens in the BGS Biostratigraphy Museum are databased. Only Ordovician and Silurian specimens listed currently. Samples and taxonomic identifications will be listed and will in future be able to be queried using the query-by-attribute tool to the right of the map. See also Fossil Localities. Material is available for inspection on application by e-mail; it is free for academic research but is charged for commercial work. Specimens are sometimes available for loan to bona fide academics.

  • PALSLIDES_ED is the BGS Edinburgh Palaeontological Slides Collection. It comprises two registration series. The MIC (microfossils) series, which is added to sporadically, includes c.950 individually registered slides (each with up to 100 cells) of microfossils (mainly foraminifera and ostracods). The PS (Palaeontological thin Sections) registration series, which has not been added to since 1987, comprises 4202 fossil thin sections and mounted slides, and includes various donated collections. Both the MIC register (10 volumes) and PS register (2 volumes) record the locality of each slide and any previous registration numbers. Stratigraphic information may also be given. Taxonomic information is not complete. There is, at present, no separate index (either analogue or digital) to the dataset, but it is included in FOSSLOC4. GSE_SPECIMENS and SMITH_GSE include those slides and thin sections transferred to the Type and Stratigraphical Collection from the Survey and John Smith collections.

  • Database of palaeontological specimens, world-wide coverage, including both "Museum" and "Survey" fossil collections from Keyworth and Edinburgh. Development commenced in Autumn 2000 and is ongoing. The database currently contains over 100,000 entries, including half of the taxonomic reference collection held at BGS Keyworth. Internet search access is available on the BGS web site. Key fields in the dataset, many of which can be searched for, include, sample number, nature of sample, confidentiality, collector/donator & year, register details, locality information (including grid reference, map sheet etc.), stratigraphy, type status, identifications & authority and publication details.

  • Stored in Murchison House, this dataset (FAUNGRAPHLOG_ED) is the BGS UK (North) collection of paper graphic logs from boreholes and measured natural sections, particularly in the Carboniferous of Scotland and northern England. Some 18000 of these records include hand written macrofossil occurrences and assemblages from certain (often subsequently interpreted) stratigraphical levels in the borehole or section. There is at present no separate index (either analogue or digital) to FAUNGRAPHLOG_ED but a pathway to it is FOSSLOC, the index to the Survey Collection of fossils from UK (North).