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  • This dataset collection comprises Ungridded Brightness Temperature (UBT) products from both ATSR-1 and ATSR-2 on the respective ERS-1 & 2 platforms. The ATSR (Along Track Scanning Radiometer) is an imaging radiometer providing images of the Earth from space. The ERS (Earth Resources Satellite) was the first ESA satellite observation programme comprising 2 polar orbiters. The ERS-1 and 2 programmes commenced in 1991 and 1995 respectively with ERS1 ceasing operations in 2000 and ERS-2 in 2011. The UBT data is an ungridded brightness temperature/reflectance product in the SADIST-2 data format. The product contains ungridded, calibrated brightness temperatures or reflectances from all or some of the ATSR-1/ATSR-2 detectors. Although the product remains ungridded, it may optionally contain pixel latitude/longitude positions, and/or pixel X/Y (across-track/along-track) co-ordinates. Ungridded products contain pixels in the ATSR scan geometry. There is a correspondence between the contents of a record and the contents of an ATSR instrument scan. ATSR data is notable in that it incorporated 2 look directions (nadir and forward) to aid in atmospheric correction and also incorporated consistent calibration for each scan/scene. ATSR-1 and 2 data are available at CEDA to any registered UK user with correct authorisation from the ATSR-1/2 Science Team, and NERC Award reference. Non NERC users should have ESA Category 1 clearance. However, users are encouraged to use the ATSR-1/2 in the latest AATSR multimission format in preference to this UBT data. CEDA remains the primary archive for this data.