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  • Sediment cores were collected from the 3 sites (approx. 6m from Moutonnee Valley, 2.5m from Ablation Valley and 5m from Citadel Bastion on Alexander Island). They were analysed for physical property data including: magnetic susceptibility, wet weight, loss on ignition, grain size, isotopic content, bulk carbon, CHN, diatom content, forams, Authigenic carbonate, radiocarbon ages, Strontium and Neodymium content, major, trace and rare earth elements of sediments and clasts and clast lithological analysis. Analyses were carried out at Durham and Edinburgh with isotopic analysis conducted at NIGL (NERC Isotopic Geoscience Laboratory).

  • 200+ erratic and bedrock samples were collected for cosmogenic isotope analysis, as well as several depth profiles of tills. Samples were collected from 11 sites along a 350km transect stretching from Pirrit Hills in the south to the ridge between Mt Bentley and Mt Hubley in the north. Most sites were on the western (West Antarctic Ice Sheet) side of the range but includes Flowers Hills on the east side of the range, adjacent to the Rutford Ice Stream. Throughout, the emphasis was on taking samples to allow dating of any changes in ice altitude/extent.