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  • The NERC-funded South Georgia Wave EXperiment (SG-WEx) project (grant numbers NE/K015117/1, NE/K012614/1 and NE/K012584/1) was a major coordinated observational and modelling campaign to study the nature and deep vertical propagation of atmospheric gravity waves over the mountainous island of South Georgia in the Southern Atlantic. This dataset collection contains meteor radar and radiosonde measurements from King Edward Point Magnetic Observatory on South Georgia and output from high-resolution (1.5km grid, 118 vertical levels) Met Office Unified Model simulations in a box 1200km x 900km centred on the island that coincide with the radiosonde campaigns. The meteor radar observations included in this collection are continuous from February 2016 to November 2020, funding for which was continued as part of the follow-on NERC DRAGON-WEx project (NE/R001391/1,NE/R001235/1). The project also made use of 3rd party satellite data from NASA, not included in this collection.