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  • The UK Climate Projections 2009 (UKCP09) probabilistic marine projections data are projections of a future climate with an associated probability. Monthly and annual data are provided for mean sea level pressure, temperature, precipitation and total cloud cover in 30 year averages (2010-2039, 2020-2049, 2030-2059, 2040-2069, 2050-2079, 2060-2089, 2070-2099). These projections provide an absolute value for the future climate (as opposed to giving values that are relative to a baseline period). A probabilistic climate projection is a measure of the strength of evidence in different future climate change outcomes. This measure is dependent on the method used, is based on the currently available evidence and encapsulates some, but not all, of the uncertainty associated with projecting future climate. The marine and coastal projections report contains further details (see linked documentation).