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  • This dataset contains standard meteorological data and soil moisture estimates from cosmic-ray neutron sensors taken from Sheepdrove Farm stations (2015-2018). This data was collected as part of the NERC project A MUlti-scale Soil moisture-Evapotranspiration Dynamics study (AMUSED), which aimed to identify the spatial/temporal scale-dependency of key dominant processes that control changes in soil moisture and land-atmosphere interactions.

  • This dataset contains surface layer meteorological measurements that were made during the Iceland Greenland Seas Project (IGP) field campaign from a variety of observation platforms, including several WeatherPack systems, RPG Hatpro Radiometer and a Windcube LIDAR. This dataset presents a quality controlled combination of observations from these instruments, as indicated by the data origin flags. Sea surface temperature was measured by the underway SBE38 bow temperature sensor for the majority of the cruise, with 2m CTD observations used to fill several short gaps where high frequency observations were available. Additionally these observations have been processed using the COARE 3.0a bulk aerodynamic flux algorithm to provide bulk variables at standard heights and estimated flux coefficients. Attached documentation on quality control methods and calibrations should be consulted before using these data. The Iceland Greenland seas Project (IGP) was an international project involving the UK, US a Norwegian research communities. The UK component was funded by NERC, under the Atmospheric Forcing of the Iceland Sea (AFIS) project (NE/N009754/1).