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  • These data are NERC-funded but not held by the EIDC. These data are archived in the SAFE repository, hosted by Zenodo. This dataset contains results from a laboratory study that was carried out with soil taken from logged tropical forests and nearby oil palm plantations of different ages in Malaysian Borneo, Sabah within the SAFE project landscape. The soils were from: Logged Fragmented Forest (LFE) pH 6, Fragment E (FE) pH 6, ~7 year old oil palm plantation (OP7) pH 4.5 , small riparian area below OP7 (RR), pH 5.8, ~2 year old row of oil palm (OP2) pH 4.5. The soils were collected in Nov 2016, from the top 0-10 cm. During the laboratory incubation all cores were sampled for greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide) as well as nitric oxide (NO). Other environmental parameters were measured at the same time as possible explanatory variables for correlation with recorded greenhouse gas and nitric oxide fluxes including soil and air temperature, soil moisture, soil mineral N (nitrate and ammonium) and gene transcript abundance.