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  • Bioclimatic envelopes for over 200,000 plant species. The data comprises a single csv file, containing the average value of the climate envelope per species for each of the following variables: Minimum temperature (K), Maximum temperature (K), Average temperature (K), Temperature range (K), Soil temperature level 1 (K), Soil temperature level 2 (K), Soil temperature level 3 (K), Soil temperature level 4 (K), Soil water volume level 1 (m^3 / m^3), Soil water volume level 2 (m^3 / m^3), Soil water volume level 3 (m^3 / m^3), Soil water volume level 4 (m^3 / m^3), Solar radiation (J / m^2), Total precipitation (mm). Also included is taxonomic information for each species, including the phylum, class, order, family and genus, as well as the number of occurrence records that informed the envelope. Full details about this dataset can be found at