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  • This dataset contains mesospheric ozone (O3) data acquired by the ground-based British Antarctic Survey''s Microwave Radiometer at Troll (BAS-MRT) in Antarctica (72 deg S, 2.5 deg E, 1270 amsl). The BAS radiometer has been designed in order to study the effects of energetic particle precipitation on the middle and upper atmosphere, using nitric oxide and ozone measurements, and the dynamical context using CO. This data set contains the O3 measurements. The data set covers the period from February 2008 to January 2010. O3 is measured for approximately 20 hours each day and profiles are retrieved every hour. The retrieved profiles cover the pressure range from 3 to 0.02 hPa (approximately 38 to 72 km), with an altitude resolution that varies from 10 km at 3 hPa (39 km) to 18 km at 0.7 hPa (66~km).

  • Surface meteorological data collected at the following British Antarctic Survey stations in Antarctica: Adelaide Island (1962-1976); Deception Island (1959-1967); Faraday/Argentine Islands (1946-1995); Fossil Bluff (1961-2005); Grytviken (1959-1981); Halley (1957 to 2013); Rothera (1976 to 2013); Signy (1956 to 2000). The following meteorological parameters are included in the files: Sea Level Pressure (hPa); Station Level Pressure (hPa); Temperature (Deg C); Wind Speed (knots); Wind Direction (Degrees). Observations were recorded every 3 or six hours for the first part of the record and then at hourly intervals in the later part when electronic measuring systems were introduced in the 1980s and 1990s.