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  • The dataset provides qualitative data from anonymised in-depth interviews conducted in 2017 with domestic poultry owners, commercial poultry farm workers and market sellers of live poultry in Bangladesh. The dataset comprises interview transcripts in Bangla. Household and farm interviews were carried out in rural areas of Mirzapur sub-district, Tangail. Interviews with market sellers of poultry were carried out in Dhaka city. An interview guide was used to explore themes and topics relating to poultry-raising practices, hygiene and waste disposal practices relating to poultry and use of antibiotics in poultry. The objective was to understand human behaviours and practices that may contribute to environmental contamination with antibiotic-resistant bacteria from poultry and potential pathways of transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from poultry to humans. The research was part of a wider research project, Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Transmission from the Outdoor Environment to Humans in Urban and Rural Bangladesh. The research was funded by NERC/BBSRC/MRC on behalf of the Antimicrobial Resistance Cross-Council Initiative, award NE/N019555/1. Full details about this dataset can be found at