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  • The dataset contains oxygen stable isotope and salinity measurements from water samples collected from sea ice and meltwater pools in April 2016 in the region of South Georgia, Signy and deep within the Weddell Sea pack ice during the marine survey JR15006. The d18O and salinity measurements from sea ice and meltwater sources complement the same analysis from CTD casts and underway non-toxic flow water system on the RRS James Clark Ross during the JR15006. Establishing d18O and salinity values for saline water and oceanic freshwater components can be used to identify sources and changes of freshwater contributions to the ocean.

  • This dataset is referring to 2-year time series of particle flux, as measured by two deep moored sediment traps (P2, P3) located in the Southern Ocean (northern Scotia Sea sector), a globally important region of atmospheric CO2 drawdown containing both naturally iron-fertilised (P3) and iron-limited (P2) regimes. The dataset includes the main biogeochemical flux parameters (such as Bsi, POC and PIC) as well as the specific contribution of each part of the plankton calcifying community (pteropods, foraminifera, coccolithphores and ostracods) to the PIC within a period from April 2009 to February 2011. The dataset allows the estimation of the Carbonate Counter Pump (CCP), which causes an increase in surface ocean CO2 through the calcification and precipitation of carbonate.