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  • X-discontinuity observations recorded from receiver function stacks of passive-source seismic data. Receiver functions are recorded between January 1990 and October 2021 at numerous seismometers on the African continent (see Pugh et al., 2023 for details). Receiver functions are downloaded, processed using SMURFPy (Cottaar et al., 2020). They are subsequently stacked in the depth and time-slowness domains in 1 degree radius overlapping bins and interpreted for the presence of the X-discontinuity. The dataset comprises 597 stacks, their location, the depth of the X-discontinuity, a classification of the stack and the amplitudes of the X-discontinuity. See Pugh et al., 2023 for further details on the method, the code used to download, process and stack receiver functions can be found at: Pugh et al., 2023 - Multigenetic Origin of the X-discontinuity Below Continents: Insights from African Receiver Functions.