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  • Dataset contains the partial sequence RNA gene from the Lycopodiella inundata, neighboring angiosperms (the grasses Holcus lanatus, Molinia caerulea, and the rush Juncus bulbosus), and a liverwort (Fossombronia foveolata). The samples were collected from Thursley National Nature Reserve, Surrey, United Kingdom, in June 2017. This data is NERC-funded but not held by the EIDC. Representative DNA sequences were deposited in the GenBank/EMBL data libraries under accession numbers MK673773–MK673803.,MK673774,MK673775,MK673776,MK673777,MK673778,MK673779,MK673780,MK673781,MK673782,MK673783,MK673784,MK673785,MK673786,MK673787,MK673788,MK673789,MK673790,MK673791,MK673792,MK673793,MK673794,MK673795,MK673796,MK673797,MK673798,MK673799,MK673800,MK673801,MK673802,MK673803