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  • The dataset provides measurement of timing of germination and seed mass in the F1 progeny, the P1 paternal contribution to F1 offspring (paternal reproductive success), and assesses the effects of flowering time on the mating system for Festuca ovina (F. ovina) after seventeen years of in-situ experimental drought treatment. The study was conducted at the Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory (BCCIL) and began in July 2010. Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • The data describe the ecological responses (invertebrate diversity and biomass, plant diversity, soil characteristics and microbial diversity) to experimental manipulation of floristic diversity and vegetation height in planted urban meadows. The experiment consisted of a replicated set of nine different perennial meadow treatments, sown in six public urban greenspaces in the towns of Bedford and Luton, in the UK. Full details about this dataset can be found at