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  • This is the output from high-resolution model simulations of ocean conditions and melting beneath the floating part of Thwaites Glacier. The model is designed to study how these conditions change as the geometry of Thwaites Glacier evolved from 2011-2022. There is one simulation using the geometry from each year during this period, derived from satellite observations. The simulations are repeated for different ocean model forcing conditions, as described in the associated paper. PH was supported by the NERC/NSF Thwaites-MELT project (NE/S006656/1). ITGC contribution number 099.

  • A bathymetric and topographic compilation of the South Sandwich Islands Volcanic Arc (55.1 S - 61.9 S, 24 W - 32 W) constructed in 2014, comprising multiple data sources (see lineage). The data are available as a 200m resolution GeoTIFF grid of elevation data. The bathymetric compilation was constructed in ArcGIS 10.0 using a hierarchical system of data priority, gridded using the Topogrid function and cleaned using both manual and semi-automated methods. This was then merged with terrestrial elevations constructed from cleaned raw ASTER GDEM grids supplemented by coastlines and form-lines taken from archival sketch-maps to produce a full hypsometric elevation model. The dataset was compiled as part of the Geological Long Term Mapping and Survey component of the British Antarctic Survey and forms the basis of a map within the BAS GEOMAP 2 series (see references).